Wikipedia and Your Content Visibility

Wikipedia is the 5th most visited website on the internet and appears frequently in the top 3 organic search results. Major search engines also have separate info boxes, usually to the right of the search results, where sourced Wikipedia information is displayed for their users. Wikipedia’s dominance in search engines is important in making decisions for your online content strategy- understanding how content is edited on Wikipedia can illuminate why this platform should be the cornerstone of your public relations strategy.

Anyone can create and edit Wikipedia pages. You don’t even need a username, password, or email. The barriers to entry are low to encourage people to contribute, but it often enables vandalism and false information. These pages are so widely read that false information on a Wikipedia page is extremely influential on the perceptions of anyone who reads Wikipedia information.

Read the basics of how you can use Wikipedia to improve your PR, written by Luke Bowen at The Search Agency.

Thea Fries