Subscription Plans

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per page
1 page watch



per page
2-9 page watches



per page
10-19 page watches



per page
20+ page watches

Subscriptions include:
Page watches, real-time alerts and analytics for watched Wikipedia articles

Editor analysis, including top editors and anonymous editors' IP location for watched articles

At-a-glance image only view and language views for watched articles

Option to change watched articles at any time (*for plans with 2 or more article watches)

On-demand analytics for any Wikipedia article

Admin dashboard and reports 

All pricing per article watched, per month. Includes 15% discount for annual billing.

Available Upgrades

Image Review
Receive instant notifications when images are added or changed on your watched articles, along with analysis for image content 

Adult Image Alerts
Images added to your watched articles are screened for adult content, alerting you instantly of potentially inappropriate content

Links Here Alerts
Know when other websites link to your watched Wikipedia articles

Sentiment Analysis
Changes to your watched articles are evaluated to determine whether the edits are positive, negative, or neutral, helping you keep a pulse on the tone of conversations

Group Summary Reporting
Larger organizations may benefit from summary reports showing edits, views, and other information for multiple articles in a single report